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   Nanchang summer, in the continuous high temperature weather, how a hot word!

   In the company, we have our own action to cope with the heat. Just enter the summer, the company boss requires the management department is going to heat and cool food facilities, must prevent employees because of hot weather heat stroke events.

   In the canteen, every teacher are carefully made a cool food, herbal tea, green bean soup, bean etc.. Supply free of charge to the company employees eat lunch at noon, rest in the afternoon and dinner three hours. See the canteen chefs busy figure, could not help but ask they tired, they said: "I am tired, when I saw everybody happily sipping our own food, we are very happy, tired and value!" Whenever I see them regardless of body sweat soaked when busy, always reminds me of my parents, gratitude arise spontaneously.

  The summer will be over, the company without a heatstroke stories. I think, such good results with the company leadership staff canteen's love master and hard work are inseparable.