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    After 5S essay contest, the company launched a "red card of 5S management of operational activities". Assistant to the general manager in leading the 5S inspection team, established the audit team, hung up the Department 5S management in various departments, the responsibility of the regional departments of stick out a mile.

    5S audit group members every two days to organize an inspection, no matter what time go to what place, if found irregularities, immediately red card a, please also responsible person signature and correction within a prescribed time limit. 5S inspection team members work without mercy, everyone knows, we know only the strict demands on themselves, can not be hanging red card. Activities carried out after three months, the Department 5S management Kanban red card can be greatly reduced, which also shows that the departments of 5S status has also been greatly improved.

    5S inspection situation, a monthly assessment, ranked first in the Department, issued the floating flags, and reward the all department employees: provided by the company canteen free meal service. The final ranking of a department, then yellow, hanging in the Department of conspicuous place, to remind the Department staff, urging their progress.

     Through the "red 5S management operational" activities, the company floor cleaner, office things more orderly, more convenient to find the file, you smile on the face is more.

    Of these, only just started, we need to do a lot, need to continue to maintain the good life, work habits, let us work together to a beautiful environment!